Activities on overnight tour

Kayaking / Bamboo boat

You may enjoy the beauty of Dark & Bright Cave in Lan Ha Bay by kayaking or utilizing a bamboo boat. A "tunnel" cave leads to a tranquil setting surrounded by limestone mountains. Within the mystery cave, you can see an ecosystem full with rich foliage, massive trees, monkeys, and numerous underwater aquatic life.


Immerse in the crystal blue sea, this is the great moment to relax and enjoy the beautiful scene of the bay. Besides that, you can join with some interesting water activities with other guests on La Casta Cruise.

Sunset party/ Jacuzzi/ Happy hour

The sunset is one of the most beautiful parts of the bay. Join to our Sunset Party to witness the magnificent sunset over the Bay. While resting on the sundeck or in our Large 4-season Jacuzzi with the capacity up to 20 people, you may order a beverage from our bar (not included in the tour price) and take in the stunning scenery of the bay. Besides that, you'll be served Vietnamese tea, coffee, fresh fruits, and some kinds of snacks.

Cooking Class

Cooking demonstration is an onboard activity which helps passengers not only to sample fine cuisine but also learns more about Vietnamese culinary culture. The Cruise Chef will demonstrate and lead you how to make Vietnamese traditional dishes such as fresh or dried springing roll and/ or how to carve different kinds of vegetables and fruits. You will be encouraged to participate in a fun competition with other passengers to find who can create the meal the fastest. Finally, you may enjoy your own plate of food or share it with your companions. An interesting activity for those who love cooking and cuisine!

Night squid fishing

Relax your spirit in the broad sky and fresh crisp wind of the night sea, and imagine yourself as a fisherman going out to catch squid at night. Having the opportunity to catch your own squid and taste the fresh items on the spot will undoubtedly be a memorable experience of your journey. You will be given with fishing equipment such as fishing rods and racquets. Guests who are lucky or experienced can capture 15 to 20 squids every night. Are you confident in your fishing experience or your luck?

Tai Chi Exercise

Engaging in Tai Chi session in the sunrise moment is the perfect way to start your new day in Halong Bay. Tai Chi is a gentle physical exercise combining deep breathing and relaxation with slow and easy movements. Tai Chi, a type of martial art, is incredibly good to your health since it reduces stress, prevents falls, and improves balance and overall mobility. You are strongly recommended to wake up early and participate in the session.

Exploring Viet Hai village by bicycle/electric car

(only for 3 days and 2 nights tour)

The historic town of Viet Hai, which has a history of over 100 years, was discovered by fishermen who found a substantial source of fresh water and chose to settle down. You will be amazed at the particularly rich and diversified scenery image including majestic limestone mountains, green forests and clear blue beaches... Especially, everything still retains the original wildness, making it excellent for exploration.