When is the best time to visit Halong (Vietnam)?

Vietnam is near the equator. The climate here is humid tropical, which has formed a diverse biological system.
The natural world wonder - Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh province, located in the northeast of Vietnam. A year here has four clear seasons: Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter, offer something interesting at any time of the year. Each season represents a different aspect of Vietnam and your trip will greatly vary time by time.
La Casta Travel Guide would like to give the pros and cons of experiencing Halong Bay by each season. That way you can choose when it is a suitable time to visit Halong Bay!






Avg. Temperature

16 – 21 °C

60 – 71 °F

23 – 28 °C

72 – 82 °F

27 – 29 °C

81 – 85 °F

25 – 27 °C

77 – 81 °F


73 - 80%

82 - 84%

84 - 86%

78 - 82%

Precipitation / Rainfall

36 – 60 mm

90 – 200 mm

282 – 376 mm

108 -242 mm

November to March
This is the period with the lowest average temperature of the year, with little rainfall, which causes low humidity or dryness. The weather is very pleasant for those who are used to the cold. Your journey will not be interrupted by the rain or your skin will not be darkened by the sun. Kayaking - an activity that is not new but extremely interesting for you to experience because it is done in Lan Ha Bay.
Some days has smother could diminish your visibility. There are just some warm days that you could swim on the beach. Let choose the cruise which has a 4-season jacuzzi and bathtub as La Casta Cruise, instead of swimming you will relax by hot water on the sea.

April to May
These two months have more sunny days than before, this is the convert time season, the weather has not yet to turn completely summer. In May, the weather is more heated. In the late afternoons, it could rains which will help cool the air, to make the evenings more pleasant and suitable for outdoor activities. The spacious sundeck of La Casta Cruise is an ideal space to organize a party.
If squid fishing is a game that requires luck, then you will be the champion when squid fishing in March, April, and May. The reward is so generous that is a plate of hot and fragrant squid. La Casta cruise team is ready to process it.

June to August
Ha Long and northern Vietnam are hot and sunny around this time and the whole territory of Vietnam as well. This is also at the Vietnam travel a lot, especially family tourism because students, summer vacation, the beaches will be more crowded. Set the room, set up the early is you should do to have many good select.
You will be escaped by wearing beautiful and attractive clothes. Swimming in the blue water of Ha Long Bay, visiting and checking in the lagoon, walk on the white sand. This season usually has heavy rain but it does not last long and helps to reduce the temperature somewhat.
A year in Vietnam usually has about 10-13 big storms lasting 2-3 days, Ha Long will be affected by 4-5 hurricanes. This is something that many tourists also want to avoid, especially when visiting the bay. You should consider the cancellation policy, the carrier's support; Weather forecast about 10-15 days in advance when there is a definition book journey.

September to October
The weather has been more refreshing in these 2 months, rain is also less abundant. This is the time to come to Ha Long Bay if you like a clear blue sky and gentle sunshine. At this time, Ha Long Bay is not too crowded, you will not have to wait in long lines or jammed. Visitors who like peace will love going to Ha Long at this time.