Tuan Chau marina harbor - an important gateway to Halong bay
After being officially put into operation, Tuan Chau Marina Harbour has affirmed its international brand name when constantly innovating and improving service quality.
Tuan Chau Marina Harbor is the only man-made port to receive the Guinness World Records as the largest one in Vietnam. With an area of 111,840m2 and a length of 8km, this harbor is home to over 2,000 boats. 
Booked a cruise trip with La Casta group, tourists will start their tour from the Tuan Chau Marina Harbor. 
How To Get There?
From Hanoi, visitors have many ways to move to Tuan Chau. You can ride by motorbike or catch a bus at bus stations in the city to get to Bai Chay. Hanoi is about 170km from Bai Chay, it will take you about 4-5 hours by car. If in other localities, tourists can buy a plane ticket to Van Don, then take a bus or taxi to Ha Long or Bai Chay.
From Bai Chay, there is a concrete road about 2km long connecting the mainland to the island.
Location of the famous harbour
Tuan Chau Marina Harbor has a total length of over 10 km, with deep drafts, built in wind-tight areas, convenient for management as well as safety for ships entering and leaving, mooring and picking up passengers. The harbor is close to the national waterway, the attractions of Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island Biosphere Reserve.
In the harbor, there are luxury yachts and ships from all over the world waiting for tourists. Many restaurants, hotels and shopping centers bring more romantic to visitors when staying in the bay.
Apart from natural beauty, Tuan Chau is also archaeological land of Ha Long Cultures. There are lots of stone tools, that has been found as grater, ice ax, stripping pieces, pottery ... Tuan Chau has been honored by President Ho Chi Minh - the father of the people of Vietnam who chosen this place for him & senior leaders for their vacation since 1959. Nowadays, this historical site has simple houses that was made of bamboo, rattan, where Ho Chi Minh was a break for the historical vestige visiting place in Tuan Chau Island.
Before 1997, Tuan Chau Island was just a poor commune of Ha Long city, people living on fishing by simple tools. On the island there is no electricity, no water, no markets ... Especially the traffic is separated from the mainland, making the material life and spiritual culture of the people which had difficulty even more needy. Since 1998, the life of the people in Tuan Chau has been to improve by Mr. Tuyen & Au Lac Company, to build a road of 2.145m long, 15m wide to connect with Highway 18A, opened a tourist entertainment center with many of the famous works. At the beginning of changing, the name of Tuan Chau island was known in Vietnam & oversee, becoming place for the important events of Vietnam & the world.
Currently, Tuan Chau has been and continued to be constructed with a series of tourism projects luxury resort by Tuan Chau Group performed for the purpose of "Turning Tuan Chau Island into the pearl Island" as the words given by Ho Chi Minh President. In the near future, Tuan Chau Island - Pearl Island will be an indispensable destination for each journey of Vietnamese & foreign travelers on the trip to Ha Long
Also in Tuan Chau, tourists might also enjoy a variety of exciting activities like Jet Ski, canoes parachute, sea fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing, camping,.... various services and entertainment such as dolphin show, seal show, circus, and martial art show 6 days a week (except Monday), 4-km- artificial beach, visit Ha Long Bay by helicopter service, musical water park, laser, etc.
Coming to Tuan Chau Island, visitors will have the feeling of coming to the heaven on Earth.