What is Ba Trai Dao beach?

There are few idyllic islands more befitting of the description than Ba Trai Dao Beach, one of the many beautiful destinations of Lan Ha Bay that serves as a great highlight for a tour around the Halong Bay region. The name translates to ‘Three Peach Beach’, referring to the trio of plump hills that act as the background to the beach, each one at around 23m of height. In front of the peaches lies a rug of soft white sand lapped by ocean, where passengers of cruiseses can relax for a few hours, enjoying picture-perfect scene and absorbing the tranquil atmosphere for which Lan Ha Bay is known. As beautiful as it is, Ba Trai Dao can only feature on Lan Ha Bay itineraries in the mid-afternoon, as tidal waters completely engulf the beach for 21 hours through the remainder of the day and night.Like with many other Lan Ha Bay destinations, Ba Trai Dao Beach features a local tale about the existence of the island and its unique hills. According to the residents of Lan Ha Bay, the three peaches for which the island is known were once of a divine nature, containing magical powers that could turn anyone immortal. The youngest daughter of Lan Ha Bay’s god took the peaches from Heaven to give to a local fisherman with whom she had fallen in love. Upon finding out, the god transformed the peaches into the hills that now give Ba Trai Dao Beach its distinctive identity.

What is to do at Ba Trai Dao beach?

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Despite its small size, there are many things to do on Ba Trai Dao Beach and passengers are often begrudgingly taken back onto their cruise after an afternoon of pure relaxation.

 Take it easy on the perfect white sands that stretch across the curved cove and face onto a quiet bay. Ba Trai Dao Beach is 100% naturally occurring and years of isolation has given its many natural assets the chance to flourish. Hours can be, and often are, spent reclining on its wonderfully soft ground.

 Swim in the clear blue water as it rolls up to the fringes of the beach. Although the sea swallows the beach whole every day after passengers leave, it is of a very calm nature and offers many chances for serene swimming and fun games.

 Jump in a kayak and paddle around the near vicinity of the island, finding beauty seemingly erupting from the floor of the bay. Kayaking excursions are incredibly relaxing and provide the perfect option for light activity at the beach.

 Explore the lush greenery located atop and in front of the peaches themselves, where casuarina pines and other wild trees stretch out freely into the sky.

When is the best time to visit Ba Trai Dao beach?

For the perfect marriage of excellent temperatures, bright sunshine and zero rain that most people seek on their island paradise, then you should head to Ba Trai Dao Beach in either the spring or autumn, when these conditions are a very real possibility. The other two times of the year, winter and summer, feature the other extremes of weather conditions. Winter, while not freezing cold, is far from the ideal time to visit Ba Trai Dao Beach, whereas summer can be incredibly hot and lash down with rain.

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